“OLY OIL” family presents GREEK TABLE OLIVES

Our legacy begins in 1846. Since then, we have continued growing, offering the world an increased portfolio of healthy and high quality Greek agricultural products

Why Greek table olives?

Greeks have been cultivating their unique and globally famous olive tree varieties for more than 2.000 years.

Today Greece exports 90% of its table olive production, whereby international consumers recognize Greek table olives either by their protected designation of origin (Kalamata, Halkidiki, etc.) or by their unique curing recipe (cracked, split, salt-cured, brine-cured, etc.)

“Oly Oil”: Kalamata olives 100% natural


Kalamata table olives, with their distinct purple color and smooth, meaty texture, are regarded as the king of Greek table olives and one of the best-known olives all around the globe. Named after the city of Kalamata in the southern Peloponnese, they are also grown in the nearby region of Laconia and are, as a rule, slit (harakti), on two sides and preserved in vinegar and/or olive oil without any preservatives.

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“Oly Oil”: Green Olives Halkidikis and Green Olives Stuffed


Chalkidikis table olives, with their oval shape and prominent tip at the bottom, grown in the relevant region in the northern part of Greece, have a thin, elastic and resistant to shriveling skin and are famous for their rich texture.

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