oly_oil_traditional_group_mediumEVOO Olympian Green Oly Oil Traditional

An exceptional GREEK Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% crafted from the leading robust Koroneiki olive variety that grows in the mountainous Peloponnese, Greece.

Our olives are pressed within 24 hours from harvesting by mechanical means, thus conserving their health beneficial substances intact and awarding OLY oil its distinguished very low acidity, rich content of polyphenols, superior quality, exquisite deep and bright green color and    fruity taste.

Provide your recipes with these unique characteristics, honoring family and friends with your tasteful and healthy dishes!

sales contact : sales@olympiangreen.com

oly_oil_robust_500ml_highEVOO  OLYMPIAN GREEN OLY OIL ROBUST

An exceptional robust, full-bodied and well balanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with intense characteristics, 100% crafted from the leading robust Koroneiki olive variety, that grows in the mountainous Peloponnese, Greece.

fit from its vibrant and full of fruity aromas character, its strong peppery finish and unique taste to enhance recipes ranging from dipping onto bread and salad dressing to grilled or oven dishes. It is advisable to try them all!

sales contact : sales@olympiangreen.com

oly_oil_earlyharvest_500ml_mediumEVOO OLYMPIAN GREEN OLY OIL Early harvest

An exceptional, limited quantity, Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% produced from Koroneiki variety olives, selectively harvested for a limited time during November, from groves of the mountainous Peloponnese, Greece, and cold pressed a few hours after harvest.

Its distinctive bright green color and characteristic aroma make it a very delicate and superior quality olive oil for salad dressing and grilled fish.


sales contact : sales@olympiangreen.com