The Olive Tree Groves – the prime advantage of our Olive Oil

Our olive oils come from 100% Koroneiki type, the best olive oil producing type, currently exported to many countries. It is exclusively cultivated in Greece and more specifically in the Peloponnesian peninsula. These olive trees are special in that they produce olive oil exceptionally low in acidity with a deep, bright green color, and a bittersweet or smooth fruity taste depending on the harvesting time.

Koroneiki variety has been characterized by the International Olive Oil Council as “variety of universal heritage”


Olive Oil Production – The Mill

Olympian Green established a 3.000 square meters, state of the art, fully integrated, plant that addresses all production aspects in a way that guarantees that Olympian Green top quality products will reliably reach and satisfy end consumers. The integrated plant capacity is planned to exceed 4.000 tons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil products.

The olives are pressed within 24 hours from harvesting, thus conserving and maintaining their beneficial substances intact. The olives, for all types of olive oil, are cold pressed in a technologically state-of-the-art 2-phase mill, without exceeding 27°C. The outcome is one of a kind olive oil, full of aromas and taste. Once it has been processed, the olive oil is stored in double-coated stainless steel tanks, so as to allow natural sedimentation under ideal conditions, before reaching your table.