Our Story

Olympia is a city located at the Peloponnese peninsula, known for being the centre of worship of Zeus, father of the 12 Gods of Ancient Greece, that resided in mountain Olympus.

It is also extremely famous for being the city to have held the first Olympic Games, in 776 B.C. and hosting, ever since, the commencement and closure of the Olympic Games.

It was there, that the best athletes were crowned with olive tree wreaths, a gesture that reflected the vitality of being pure in spirit, strong in physical aspect and humble as a man, regardless of one’s achievement. Competing and winning an olive tree wreath showed that a true man does not compete for possessions, but for virtue.


Our legacy begins in 1846 in extra virgin olive oil production.

Since then, we have continued growing, we have added new products, taking the Greek family tradition to the next level.

With care, patience and expertise, acquired and passed on from one generation to the next, we have been producing the best extra virgin olive oil of the Peloponnese.

Today, we expand our business, by stepping harder on our branding, adding new exceptional products, wishing to make them stand out in the international market. Olympian Green represents the purity of our products, our loyalty to our Greek heritage, our expertise in business and technological progress and, last but not least, our humility.