Our legacy begins in 1846 in extra virgin olive oil production.

Since then, we have continued growing, we have added new products, taking the Greek family tradition to the next level.

With care, patience and expertise, acquired and passed on from one generation to the next, we have been producing the best extra virgin olive oil of the Peloponnese.

Today, we expand our business, by stepping harder on our branding, adding new exceptional products, wishing to make them stand out in the international market. Olympian Green represents the purity of our products, our loyalty to our Greek heritage, our expertise in business and technological progress and, last but not least, our humility.


Our vision is to see the world coming closer to the Mediterranean lifestyle, making a better life for themselves by choosing to add the original, natural, rich in flavor and healthy nutrient products of Olympian Green in their everyday nutrition.


Passion for what we do.
Be a trusted partner and a trusted provider for our clients around the globe.
Focus on producing a superior extra virgin olive oil, always respecting our customer’s needs.
Achieve excellence across all our products.